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Hack into a Mr. Robot themed Windows machine. Use metasploit for initial access, utilise powershell for Windows privilege escalation enumeration and learn a new technique to get Administrator access.

Hello I’m Ayush Bagde aka Overide and Welcome Back to another writeup of TryHackMe machine which is “Steel Mountain”. …

Hello I am ayush bagde aka Overide and in this writeup. I’m gonna start a series of DVWA virtual Lab.

Our First Vulnerability is Brute Force on low level of Security. So Let’s Start

So this is our interface of bruteforce:

So there are many tools for bruteforcing some CLI…

Find out what happened by analysing a .pcap file and hack your way back into the machine

Hello Guys welcome back to Ayush Bagde aka Overide and in this writeup we’re gonna see the recently launched machine h4cked. Let’s Start.

TASK 1: Oh no! We’ve been hacked!

Firstly download the Task files. …

A revitalised, hands-on showcase involving analysing malicious macro’s, PDF’s and Memory forensics of a victim of Jigsaw Ransomware; all done using the Linux-based REMnux toolset apart of my Malware Analysis series

Hey Guys Welcome back to another writeup I’m Ayush Bagde aka Overide and in This writeup we’re gonna learn…

Manipulating DNS queries to our advantage


In this room, we will look into DNS and showcase the techniques used to exfiltrate and infiltrate data. First, we will look at what purposes DNS serves, how it works, and the types of DNS records.

The image below illustrates a basic DNS lookup. Here the client machine reaches out…

Join this room to learn about the first forms of malware and how they turned into the malicious code we see today.

Join the room from here.


This room is dedicated to the first types of malware. “Malware” consists of two words combined; malicious and software. Typically, Malware is…

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