e-JPT Exam Review and Study Guide

Hello, My name is Ayush Bagde, and I recently completed my e-JPT test. In this post, I’ll tell you about my experience taking the e-JPT test and provide a step-by-step guidance on how to get started. So let’s get started.

These are the topics we’ll cover in this full guide.

  1. What is e-JPT?
  2. Exam Details and syllabus
  3. Pre requisites and Requirements
  4. Study material
  5. Exam review
  6. Exam cheat sheet material

What is e-JPT

The eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester (eJPT) certification is a hands-on certification in penetration testing and information security fundamentals. Passing the test demonstrates to businesses that a cyber security specialist is ready for a rewarding new job.

Exam Details and Syllabus

The test is entirely practical, with 20 questions that must be answered in three days. This period includes your eating, sleeping, and other activities.


  • TCP/IP
  • IP routing
  • LAN protocols and devices
  • HTTP and web technologies
  • Essential penetration testing processes and methodologies
  • Basic vulnerability assessment of networks
  • Basic vulnerability assessment of web applications
  • Exploitation with Metasploit
  • Simple web application manual exploitation
  • Basic information gathering and reconnaissance
  • Simple scanning and profiling the target

Pre requisites and Requirements

There are no such requirements for taking the test. The material you will learn will provide you with more than enough information to pass this test. This exam is designed for people who are just starting out in the field of penetration testing and wish to get a suitable practical certification.


  1. Kali Linux (Suggested)
  2. Good Internet Connection
  3. Patience

Study Material

There are other online sources where you can obtain e-JPT study material, but the finest website for information and practice exam labs.

For Novices:


Pentesters with prior experience can immediately practice on ejpt labs:

Aside from these study materials, you may practice on the following sites, where you can acquire labs to practice on various vulnerabilities.

TryHackMe: https://tryhackme.com/

Exam Review:

Even though I got stuck in a few steps, it was a simple exam overall. Remember to write down every step you take in the notebook. While conducting an attack, maintain a determined and controlled approach. Take careful note of every move you take, and don’t dismiss anything you believe is ineffective. Because the solution is usually found in the useless things. It was essentially an Open Book Exam in which you were allowed to Google any command or use a cheat sheet. All of the questions are interrelated, and the information collection section plays the most important function. So, if you get stuck, remember to do some research or try and error.

NOTE: If you take the test, you must not post screenshots of the questions on the internet, otherwise your certificate will be permanently revoked.

NOTE: Use the same email address that you used to purchase the voucher.

Exam cheat sheet material

These are the best cheat sheets according to me:

Still have reservations? You may reach me on LinkedIn at any moment.



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