Ninja Skills writeup

Let’s start the machine and check the tasks.

Answer the questions about the following files:

  • 8V2L
  • bny0
  • c4ZX
  • D8B3
  • FHl1
  • oiMO
  • PFbD
  • rmfX
  • SRSq
  • uqyw
  • v2Vb
  • X1Uy

The aim is to answer the questions as efficiently as possible.

After logging into the computer,I look around to find the files.

There is an interesting folder „files“, but the folder is empty. As the next step I created a text file „search.txt“.

After that, I added the filenames we want to find.

The file „found.txt“ contains the path and the file names.

#1 Which of the above files are owned by the best-group group(enter the answer separated by spaces in alphabetical order)

cat found.txt | while read line; do ls -al $line; done

#2 Which of these files contain an IP address?

#3 Which file has the SHA1 hash of 9d54da7584015647ba052173b84d45e8007eba94

#4 Which file contains 230 lines?

On closer look we found one file missing that one file is the answer

#5 Which file’s owner has an ID of 502?

#6 Which file is executable by everyone?

Submit you answers. Well done !!



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